Hoping that everyone in Utah and beyond experience this shave!

-John M.



I suffer from morning beard and BG&C beard oil is pretty much the best yet.  Its got a higher viscosity than nay other oil I have tried.  I'm able to get it throughout my beard and not just coat the outside in a veneer of "perfume."  A genuine conditioning oil.  I even use it in my hair!  Thanks for such a great product.  Truly.  

-James H. (first winner of BG&C Best Beard Contest)

Best beard oil I've used.  Shampoo leaves a beard frizzy and dry.  I just rub a few drops of BG&C Beard Oil into my beard and comb through.  Not only cleans my beard, but gives it a nice sheen, keeps it from getting dry and flaky plus has a great masculine smell.  Great stuff!!!

-Matt Z.

Nothing I have used compares to Beehive Grooming & Co.'s Beard Oil.  The scent is amazing, and it does not leave an oily look or feel to my beard, but a fresh new feel everyday.  I am a customer for life.

-John C

I have been growing by beard for almost 2 years now, and until I tried BG&C's beard oil, my wife absolutely hated it.  I have been using the beard oil for about a month now, and not only does my wife now approve of the beard, but I love my beard even more!  My face doesn't itch any more nor does my beard flake at all.  Thanks a ton BG&C!

-Jake M.



I tried the pre-shave oil this morning and shaving has never felt so good. My face is smooth and no razor bumps. Then used the beard oil on my chops. What good products you have! I need to get some aftershave soon! Well done mate!

-Spencer R.

I got your pre shave oil at Beehive for my husband, and it has changed his life! I wanted to have my brother try it too... Any way I can get another bottle? Thank you!

-Annie B. 

If there is one product that makes my shave better it is the BG&C pre-shave oil!  Not only does it smell great, but it eliminates all tug and pull.  Best oil ever!!!

-Kade R.


I purchased the classic shaving kit from Beehive Grooming & Co. and can now say that it was the best purchase of my life.  I would have paid double.  Their 3 in 1 shaving system leaves my skin smooth and smelling as manly as a man can get.  The sandalwood shaving cream mixes well with my brush, and seems it will last a lifetime!  Again, I reiterate, best purchase of my life!!! I am sold on Beehive Grooming & Co.!

-Grant G.


I got a sample of this shaving lather and I am hooked!

-Lance T.


I am loving the new Beehive Grooming & Co. Aftershave! If you guys haven't picked some up yet, you need to get on it. Period. This is quality stuff. Shave like a man, and smell like a man, and do it in style. I don't think I could ever go back to any of that store bought junk again either. With BG&C's advice and the added help of this amazing aftershave, I've had some of the best shaves of my life. At 32 even! It's easy on my skin too, and no crazy razor rash on my neck anymore. Guys. Take my advice. Get some!

-James D.


I got some aftershave from Beehive Grooming & Co. and I must say, this is some quality aftershave.  There is no burn and whatever herbs it has leaves the face feeling fresh and revitalized.  Thank you, Beehive Grooming and Co., you've won yourselves a loyal customer.

Kevin G.


We'll be in town on Jan 15 and I want some more of this goodness!

-Bryce H.


Just used my Aged Bay Rum Aftershave for the first time and absolutely love it!  It smells great, it feels great, and it works great!  Great job BG&C, I will definitely be buying more of this when I run out, and will for sure be trying some of the other products.

- George S.